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McVictim – to eat or not to eat?

Travelling recently I came across the following article in the LA Times by David Gratzer which I thought was fascinating and a great example of the NLP principle Cause and Effect at work. The story, entitled Weighing up the causes ….

A TOTE is for Life, not just for New Year

Happy New Year. We hope you had a wonderful festive break and are as excited as we are about the adventures ahead in 2012. I must confess I love the freshness of a New Year; it’s almost as if the ….

The Guilt Trip (thanks to Derren Brown)

I know I’m a little behind the times, but I’ve just watched Derren Brown: The Guilt Trip on our Sky box. The whole premise of the show, for those who didn’t get a chance to see it, was to take ….

The Attitude of Weight Loss

By now you’ve probably come to realise that our approach is holistic and that we try to make personal and professional change as effortless as possible. Of course as coaches, there are times when we need to shake it up ….

Shocking in Lavender

I had a bit of a shock this week; nothing major, but enough to rattle my stress response and leave me with stress hormones whizzing through my system. The details are irrelevant; like so many of these things the threat ….

Your Secret Energy Source

As you may know in addition to all the training work we do here at WHATEVER LIFE THROWS we do quite a bit of one-on-one coaching – both corporate and personal. What has always interested me are the themes that ….

Feeling Pretty Darn Special (TV special in fact)

Hello you beautiful amazing person, thanks for stopping by. Wow you’re looking lovely? There’s something really special about your energy today if I may say so – warm, loving and deliciously curious. No please, don’t just ignore my compliments thinking ….

Stress: the goat lurking in the bushes!

Walking home from the WHATEVER LIFE THROWS office with Andy a couple of nights ago I became aware of how many stress chemicals seemed to be coursing through my system and the reaction they were having on my body and ….

Purpose Can Change the World

I remember reading John Sculley’s book Odyssey Pepsi to Apple way back when I was a fresh 24 year old looking for my place in the world. I now realise how much one little line from it changed my life. ….

The Language of Love

I’ve obviously never been pregnant – being a boy and all that – but after nine months of planning and development, last weekend heralded the inaugural module of our new NLP PRACTITIONER SERIES, and I now have an inkling of ….

Welcome to our gorgeous new blog

Welcome to the Whatever Life Throws blog. Isn’t the interweb wonderful? One little click and we’re fellow travelers on a personal and professional development journey. No money needs to change hands, we can remain in the comfort of our favorite ….