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McVictim – to eat or not to eat?

NLP Whatever Life Throws Grasshopper of Power

Travelling recently I came across the following article in the LA Times by David Gratzer which I thought was fascinating and a great example of the NLP principle Cause and Effect at work. The story, entitled Weighing up the causes ….

Feeling Pretty Darn Special (TV special in fact)

Whatever Life Throws TV special

Hello you beautiful amazing person, thanks for stopping by. Wow you’re looking lovely? There’s something really special about your energy today if I may say so – warm, loving and deliciously curious. No please, don’t just ignore my compliments thinking ….

Purpose Can Change the World

Whatever Life Throws Life Purpose

I remember reading John Sculley’s book Odyssey Pepsi to Apple way back when I was a fresh 24 year old looking for my place in the world. I now realise how much one little line from it changed my life. ….