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McVictim – to eat or not to eat?

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Travelling recently I came across the following article in the LA Times by David Gratzer which I thought was fascinating and a great example of the NLP principle Cause and Effect at work. The story, entitled Weighing up the causes ….

The mind and body act as one system

The Mind and Body Act as One System - whatever life throws

Well as you know, Neil and I decided that our presupposition of the moment, and rather appropriately timed post New Year, was to be ‘The Mind and Body Act as One System’. We’d both recognised that we’d been a little ….

A TOTE is for Life, not just for New Year

New Years TOTE Whatever Life Throws NLP Presuppositions blog

Happy New Year. We hope you had a wonderful festive break and are as excited as we are about the adventures ahead in 2012. I must confess I love the freshness of a New Year; it’s almost as if the ….

The Attitude of Weight Loss

NLP Whatever Life Throws Diet

By now you’ve probably come to realise that our approach is holistic and that we try to make personal and professional change as effortless as possible. Of course as coaches, there are times when we need to shake it up ….