Coaching is more than just a buzzword, it’s a set of skills and attitudes that lead out the talent inherent in your workforce. NLP coaching techniques are very practical, proven, and feel quite natural in their execution. This is because NLP has been modelled from successful human experience, and the difference that makes the difference captured and distilled so that it can be easily replicated. NLP utilises what we do naturally and teaches how to harness these skills so that they can be used consciously to help us to achieve our desired outcomes.

The WHATEVER LIFE THROWS Diploma of Applied NLP: Coaching recognises how change happens and teaches a set of powerful techniques and concepts that enable you to help others overcome any blocks that hold them back from being the best version of themselves possible and enable them to build personal resourcefulness.

In addition you’ll learn to embody the traits of successful coaches, enabling you to build rapport quickly, even with difficult people, and read the subtle signs and signals that indicate what’s going on below the surface in order to explore incongruities between a person’s words, thoughts and feelings.

The WHATEVER LIFE THROWS Applied NLP: Business Practitioner:

The Diploma of Applied NLP: Coaching is a stand-alone module of the WHATEVER LIFE THROWS Applied NLP: Business Practitioner programme which teaches existing and aspiring leaders and coaches a set of applied psychological techniques that enable them to facilitate pragmatic change, motivate action, and increase engagement.

The course is divided into three modules:

  • Diploma of Applied NLP: Coaching (5 days)
  • Diploma of Applied NLP: Leadership (5 days)
  • Master Class and Integration (2 days)

The programme is designed to build confidence and congruence enabling leaders to influence with integrity, and apply their learning directly in the workplace.

You’ll be interested in this course:

  • If you have a responsibility for managing or developing staff and want to feel better equipped to facilitate practical, pragmatic, change.
  • If you’re an existing leader who wants to increase staff engagement, motivation and responsibility.
  • If you are new or are aspiring to management and want to embody the characteristics of successful leaders.
  • If you want to develop your coaching skills or build confidence.
  • If you have a mission or vision that you want to align people behind or inspire to action.
  • If you have an organisation that wants to build a coaching culture and system for talent management and retention.

At WHATEVER LIFE THROWS we don’t believe in role play, we encourage our participants to use their organisation or personal mission as a filter for their experience on our courses and to apply the concepts and techniques they learn in their own lives so that they are truly able to embody them with elegance and confidence.

The WHATEVER LIFE THROWS Applied NLP: Business Practitioner programme (together with the Diploma of Applied NLP: Coaching and the Diploma of Applied NLP: Leadership) is accredited by The Association for NLP (ANLP)



Our interpretation of NLP is both evidence-based and ethical, complemented by learnings from cutting-edge discoveries in positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership theory and more.

The WHATEVER LIFE THROWS training team is led by Neil Almond, a well-respected and sought after international coach, NLP Master Trainer and consultant. He has delivered projects for many of the UK’s top organisations, facilitated sessions in Downing Street and has worked with industry leaders including Sir Richard Branson.


Whilst we do everything we can to keep the cost of our programmes low this is still a significant investment and therefore our trainers and coaches are more than happy to answer any questions about this course or anything else in the world of Whatever Life Throws. In fact we'd love to hear from to you. If you would like any help at all then please just phone the office on 020 313 77 121 or email us at team@whateverlifethrows.com and we'll do our best to help.

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The course will help participants to:

  • Learn how to connect with people at a meaningful level, no matter who they are.
  • Develop powerful interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills.
  • Learn sophisticated language skills that enable you to get beneath the surface to really understand what people mean, and help them structure their thinking for the best chance of success.
  • Recognise how habits are formed, and how to dissolve these and instil more resourceful behaviours.
  • Learn principles and techniques that encourage people to take true personal responsibility for their own learning and development.
  • Discover a system for designing compelling goals that radically increases the likelihood of successful implementation.
  • Learn how people create their experience and gain techniques that help bring about lasting change.
  • Learn a powerful system for framing a coaching session, and principles that provide the optimal potential of a desired outcome.

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