We believe in continuous professional development (and continuous personal development for that matter) and want to make it as easy as possible for anyone who's already completed a certificated NLP Practitioner course (with us or another training provider) to hone their skills on a WHATEVER LIFE THROWS programme. Therefore we're pleased to offer discounted rates to existing NLP Practitioners. These discounts are often between 25% and 50%, but sometimes can be as high as 75%.

Current available courses include:

Diploma of Applied NLP: Coaching

Coaching is more than just a buzzword, it’s a set of skills and attitudes that lead out the talent inherent in your workforce. NLP coaching techniques are very practical, proven, and feel quite natural in their execution.

Diploma of Applied NLP: Leadership

In today’s troubled times, businesses, charities and indeed the world need leaders - people who inspire us to be the very best versions of ourselves possible and to move beyond any barriers that have held us back from achieving at the highest levels.


Whilst we do everything we can to keep the cost of our programmes low this is still a significant investment of your time and money and therefore our trainers and coaches are more than happy to answer any questions about these courses or anything else in the world of Whatever Life Throws that may interest you. In fact we'd love to hear from to you. If you would like any help at all then please just phone the office on 020 313 77 121 and we'll do our best to help.

Please note that bookings through this page are only intended for people holding an existing NLP Practitioner certificate of at least 5 days. Once the booking is complete you will be asked to forward a pdf of your certificate for our records.

Course Trainers:

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The course will help participants to:

  • Refresh or hone existing NLP skills
  • Build confidence to use NLP in a professional context
  • Use NLP for continued personal development
  • Gain a practical and pragmatic approach to NLP
  • Apply NLP more effectively in your personal life and career
  • Get NLP 'in the muscle' so you understand it at a whole new level

Course Dates

Course requirements

Prior to commencing NLP Refresher: Skills Development (CPD) you must have already completed the following course(s):

NLP Practitioner Certification