Looking to change your life for the better? Or learn the skills to help others transform theirs? This stand-alone entry course to our NLP series unlocks some exciting, empowering truths. Learn how each of us can create our own life - and why changing external factors alone, such as a job, won’t cut the mustard. It’s what goes on inside your head that really counts.

WHATEVER LIFE YOU WANT is a powerful coaching programme in it own right, but also serves as a pragmatic introduction to some of the more potent and transformative skills of NLP . Our mantra is 'be the change' and whether you want a breakthrough in your personal life, your career or to develop coaching skills to support or manage others in their development, this course offers practical insights and tools to help you move closer to living a free, purposeful, fulfilling and meaningful life.

Like all our courses WHATEVER LIFE YOU WANT is designed to make personal and professional development practical and enjoyable. The workshop weaves NLP skills with business, executive and life coaching techniques, whilst also drawing on learnings from cutting-edge discoveries in positive psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and more. It can be treated as a journey of self discovery, a practical means of transforming unwanted beliefs, habits and behaviours, a fun way to breathe life into challenging goals/ design a compelling future, a life coach training, as a graduate or management skills workshop, or indeed all of these.


WHATEVER LIFE YOU WANT is the entry course in a series of six modules which together make up our NLP PRACTITIONER SERIES. Unlike many other NLP providers, we’ve divided our 20 day NLP PRACTITIONER SERIES into affordable, bite-sized courses delivered in manageable blocks of three or four days. Each course is whole and complete in its own right and designed to provide the perfect mix of personal development experience with the chance to develop high impact professional coaching skills for use in whatever setting is appropriate for you.

Once you’ve taken WHATEVER LIFE YOU WANT, you can take as few or as many of the next four courses – WHATEVER HOLDS YOU BACK, WHATEVER YOUR GOAL, WHATEVER HAPPENED and WHATEVER PEOPLE DO – as you like, in the order that suits you.

Our courses are certified by The Professional Guild of NLP or Association for NLP and therefore guarantee you a certificate of real value which could lead you all the way to an MA in Applied Coaching.


One of a number of techniques we use, NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming is a practical form of applied psychology. It’s the best way we know to help people understand some key principles about how the mind works and therefore how to make positive and lasting changes in their own and/or other people’s lives. The skills you'll learn are useful in life coaching, NGO service delivery, management, being a parent or manifesting your dreams.

Our interpretation of NLP is both evidence-based and ethical. Our NLP courses are designed to make learning as fun and painless as possible.


Whilst we do everything we can to keep the cost of our programmes low this is still a significant investment and therefore our trainers and coaches are more than happy to answer any questions about this course or anything else in the world of Whatever Life Throws. In fact we'd love to hear from to you. If you would like any help at all then please just phone the office on 020 313 77 121 or email us at team@whateverlifethrows.com and we'll do our best to help.

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  1. Ali Edwards says:

    I did this course in September and had a blast! I really gained insight and moved on with some important issues for me personally, as well as some cool tools to help me in business too. Even my husband has said he has noticed a positive change in my attitude at home! Can thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to utilise NLP techniques personally or professionally – a great groundwork course that has given me a thirst for more! Neil is a fantastic trainer and Andy is so supportive and gives a brilliant different perspective. It was a fantastic weekend and I massively enjoyed it!

  2. Frances Kelly says:

    Completed ‘Whatever Life You Want’ last month and have made some big changes already – stuff in my life that I was putting off and making excuses for is now falling brilliantly into place and the results so far have been fab! The basics of NLP are fast becoming a way of life for me and I consciously check myself against what I’ve learnt – I now recognise which behaviours serve me and which ones don’t.
    Neil is an awesome trainer, makes the material really accessible and I’ll definitely be going back for more! Recommend this for anyone who wants to make changes in their own world or help facilitate others to make positive change.

  3. James McCarthy says:

    Did this in September. The mantra seemed to be: try it out, see if it works… if it doesn’t, try something else. I loved it. I came out buzzing with new ideas, and even now, months later, my favourite little insights still come to me every now and again. I’m massively looking forward to the next in the series; it’s hard to put it into words how satisfying this has been as an experience for me.

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The course will help participants to:

  • Take control of your life, rather than feeling like a passenger in it
  • Get clearer on what you really want out of your life and career
  • Reduce your stress levels and feel ready to face life with renewed energy
  • Create powerful relationships – even with people you find challenging
  • Explore how change happens so you can effect it in yourself and others
  • Develop powerful interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills

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