Feeling Pretty Darn Special (TV special in fact)

Hello you beautiful amazing person, thanks for stopping by. Wow you’re looking lovely? There’s something really special about your energy today if I may say so – warm, loving and deliciously curious. No please, don’t just ignore my compliments thinking they’re not meant for you, they really are.

Now that I’ve mentioned it, if you pay attention to your inner feelings, you’ll probably start to notice that you do indeed feel pretty darn special today (and as you read more of this blog the chances are you’ll find yourself feeling even more amazing for no good reason whatsoever).

If you’re not quite connected yet to that special something that the rest of us can see in your aura today then maybe just pause a moment to think about a time recently when you did feel beautiful, special, truly alive, in flow, joyful, curious or even, dare I say it, super sexy (in fact any feeling that, if you had a big dollop of it poured into you right now, would make your day even more incredible and bring a big beaming smile to your face).

Go on, take a moment! You know you want to; the juicier the experience and emotions the better. Good. Now take the memory you’ve just thought of – and I know you have, even if it was fleetingly or at an unconscious level – and make it even clearer and stronger.

The next bit’s easy, just get a tad playful and pretend you can step back into that experience as if you are reliving it right now. I normally close my eyes (wait for it, you’ve got the instructions to read first) and remember just how good it was the first time round; I often even find my body posture changing as I step back into the experience – it’s as if I was back there living the moment again. As if I was looking out of my own eyes noticing everything that was around me at the time, also imagining what I was hearing – the noises around me together with whatever positive things I was saying to myself. I also allow myself to re-experience all the wonderful feelings all over again, making them bigger and bigger (as if I am slowly turning up a dimmer light switch) until the feelings are shining brightly and filling my whole body.

Of course how you want to do it is up to you, but I do strongly recommend trying it on if only just to see how good it feels (this is the bit you can close your eyes and feel wonderful for no particular reason).

I didn’t mean to start today’s conversation this way. In fact my intention was just to let you know that the latest episode of Stars of Science aired last night so that, if you wanted to, you could check out the link. For those of you who don’t know, Stars of Science is an amazing pan-Arab reality TV show featuring the cream of young inventors from across the Arab world. I got involved a couple of years ago as head of the coaching team (and personal development expert no less) for orientation week which aims to help the newly selected candidates bond and prepares them for the TV adventure ahead of them.

Obviously part of what we’re teaching them over orientation week is to be able to manage their emotional state as they face a barrage of cameras, grumpy judges and even live shows. It would be so easy to allow nerves to overshadow their brilliance and that of their innovation. In order to counter this one of the techniques we taught them this year was the Circle of Excellence which is an amazing way of anchoring in positive feelings from the past that literally overwhelm any nerves they could have felt in the present. The secret to this technique is being able to identify the resources (feelings, knowledge or emotions) that, if they had access to them, would make them the best version of themselves possible.

Once they’ve identified the resources that would help then we get them to step into each one exactly as we did above – finding a time in their past when they had that feeling and stepping back into the associated experience; building it up to a crescendo of positive emotion. Thinking about it, I think it might be useful to put a script for this into the downloads section soon; but in the meantime any time you want to feel even better (or if someone you’re with needs a bit of a boost) then try out the steps above and notice that you can indeed choose how you feel.

And of course if you’re interested in seeing me at work then you can click here to check out Stars of Science Episode 4 - Orientation Week.

(please don’t adjust your sets it is indeed in Arabic).

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