The mind and body act as one system

Well as you know, Neil and I decided that our presupposition of the moment, and rather appropriately timed post New Year, was to be ‘The Mind and Body Act as One System’. We’d both recognised that we’d been a little more than generous with our portions (in all things) over the Christmas and New Year Period and that early January, once all the fizz had left the fizz and all the leftovers had congealed, was high time to press the ‘reset’ button on our bodies and minds.

For me, Neil working out of town with one of our clients presented me with the perfect opportunity. I’d heard about a lemon detox diet in my various wanderings ‘net-side’ whilst feeding my endless curiosity and fascination with all things nutrition and cooking. Great I thought, this sounds like just the thing. So I ordered the book and other paraphernalia requisite to carrying out the detox.

The day arrived to begin. I rose early and did a one hour yoga session (well it was New Year) after drinking a full litre of salty water (another requisite of the programme). Afterwards, I mixed up my days worth of nutrition in the form of tree syrup with water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper – it actually tasted pretty good, and off I went to the office. I continued with this routine for the following two days, and again on the last day with Neil once he returned.

I actually found the first two days reasonably pleasant, even with the mild headache on waking on morning two – my body coped pretty well with the changes. What I found really interesting was how my mind responded to this demi-fast. I’ve never thought about food so much in my entire life – even with my penchant for cooking and culinary exploration. Whilst walking home from the office in the afternoon I would fantasize about all the lovely things I would eat when I finally ‘got off’ the programme, to the point that I become borderline obsessive – I could well imagine myself frantically bursting into the nearest shop, foaming at the mouth and devouring the nearest chicken wing like some crazed animal. The funny thing was, I wasn’t even physically hungry – my body was fully sated by the concoction I was drinking. It was only my mind that was obsessing about food, or lack thereof and trying to convince me that I needed to eat.

Thank goodness I have the skills to scratch that record – hang on one cotton picking minute brain! Time to exercise some submodality work me thinks. With some focussed breathing as I walked, I imagined all the energy flowing through my body as a golden light, as it passed every organ, cell or tissue it collected toxins and deposited energy, vitality and lightness in its place. Ah, that’s better – by the time I got home I was quite literally buzzing and full of life.

I’m really pleased I did this diet, not for the diet per say, but because of what I’ve learned about myself and how I function. It made me wonder just how often I eat because I ‘think’ I need to rather than my body actually needing sustenance. I’ve also come to really appreciate the smell and taste of food, and realise that I need far less than I thought I did before.

Neil did the last day of the diet with me; bless him for his solidarity! He also found; even that one day helped him ‘reset’ on food. We both now feel much more in control of our eating again, and this feeling has rippled out through other aspects of our lives too.

So, in conclusion I can report that indeed the mind and body do act as one system. Thinking about food makes the body want it, and likewise changing the thoughts changes the feelings – creating a rapport between mind and body that truly feels good.

I’ll leave you with this little quote I particularly like by James Allen:

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

The presupposition we’ll be trying on for the next two weeks is:


Play along and let us know how you get on. Click here to download the poster.

See you next time.


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