Aroma Zen Essential Oil Diffuser

Aroma Zen Essential Oil Diffuser

We just love using essential oils to enhance a space; be it your office, coaching or treatment room, or any other room you like. This fantastic diffuser doesn't burn the oil using an open flame like most traditional burners. Instead, it uses a high-frequency oscillator that produces an ultrasound that splits the molecules; thus producing a cold mist that diffuses throughout the room.

It also looks pretty cool as the colour of the unit can be set to either one colour or can continually change colour depending on your mood. It's also much safer than a flame as it cuts its own power when the water level falls below 20 ml. The diffuser has a full resevoir capacity of 100 ml which can provide over 3 hours of diffusion at full power.

we certainly can't rate this product highly enough since starting to us it at home and on our courses nearly a year ago and believe that you'll love it just as much!


Price: £29.00

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