The Attitude of Weight Loss

By now you’ve probably come to realise that our approach is holistic and that we try to make personal and professional change as effortless as possible. Of course as coaches, there are times when we need to shake it up a bit (known in the trade as ‘lobbing in a hand-grenade’), but even whilst doing this we aim to maintain massive rapport and help our clients get any breakthrough they’re seeking as elegantly as possible – and certainly without them feeling like they’ve been slapped around the face with a large wet kipper.

Now of course other people in the personal development world have different ways of looking at things. One such person is Steve Siebold, a mentor of mine in the area of professional speaking, and one of the US’ most sought after mental toughness coaches. He’s paid tens of thousands of dollars a day by companies to help their employees build a more resilient mindset and to model the thought process of successful people. Now his style can at times appear a little direct and ‘American’ for our British sensibilities – but my suggestion is don’t let this get in the way of the message.

Steve believes that the key to making any personal change you’re seeking is to think more powerfully and take massive action aligned with your goals. So for example if you’re one of the millions of people in the UK who are carrying a few extra pounds that you genuinely would love to shift then his message for you (please note his message for you, not mine – although to be honest mine might say much the same thing, albeit in much more cuddly language and with much more compassion) would be Die Fat or Get Tough! As you can see Steve isn’t really one to mince his words. He is much more interested in landing his message, in this case exploring the differences in thinking between fat people and thin people – and in this area I think he has something really juicy to contribute.

His personal view is that it doesn’t matter which diet you pick, that they all work if you bring the right attitude to them and follow through with 100% compliance. And there is a lot of truth in that – a major part of dieting (or debt busting for that matter) is about taking responsibility for where you are and maintaining the motivation necessary until you hit your goal. In our experience the feeling of power and control we feel when we genuinely take responsibility and get committed to doing whatever it takes more than compensates for any temporary pain; but it all hinges on getting to cause.

On the subject of diets Andy and I have followed a version of the Eat Right for Your Type diet for the last couple of years . It’s a blood type specific diet (I’ll tell you more about the details on another occasion) and we’ve found it’s had a huge impact on our health and wellbeing (way beyond any weight loss target). We are also fascinated by the science behind it (epigenetics – literally beyond genetics) and the research which seems to be suggesting that by changing external or environmental factors such as food, diet, exercise, thinking patterns etc you can impact your body at a genetic and cellular level.

But enough about that for the moment – that’s just turned into a teaser for another blog – right now I thought you might be interested in seeing Steve in action. He’s recently put together a free 21 day online video programme which, in true mental toughness coach style, he’s called This will definitely be interesting (provided you can get past the name) if you are interested in weight loss, but even if that’s not your bag right now many of the principles ring true for other ‘big games’ you may be looking to play – so it’s well worth a look.

Remember I’m not endorsing this, I’m just saying that I found it interesting and believe it might add some value to anyone looking for a new way of looking at weight loss. And no one can argue that it isn’t good value – being free and all.

So if you're interested take a deep breath and visit

Enjoy. Look forward to seeing you next week.

  1. Claudia says:

    ‘Die fat or get tough!’ made me smile. It’s a great title and the word ‘fat’ can get exchanged easily by anything you might want to change in your life.

    If you develop passion for something you really want and you commit to hold on – no matter how tough; it becomes very rewarding. If you stop reaching, maybe you just don’t want it badly enough.

    So thanks for sharing this! I might not need to loose weight as a long distance runner. But from my own experience, most of the hard work lies in your mind and your attitude towards your goal.

    Looking forward to your next inspiring post. Thank you.

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