Your Secret Energy Source

As you may know in addition to all the training work we do here at WHATEVER LIFE THROWS we do quite a bit of one-on-one coaching – both corporate and personal. What has always interested me are the themes that seem to develop; right now for instance two recurring themes amongst my private clients are: will I ever meet my perfect partner and how do I get more energy?

Both are juicy topics. But I thought it might be fun today to share one of my personal favourite techniques for overcoming ‘funk’ days. Let’s face it we all have days when our energy levels may not be all they could be. I personally like Barefoot Doctors’ idea of yin and yang days (yin being the lower energy and yang being when it’s bursting out of every pore) and his linking of it to the metaphor of the tide being in or out. If the tide is in we’re firing on all cylinders and the energy tanks are full and of course, as balance is so important, we need to expect that some days the tide will go out.

What makes this such a nice idea for me is that there is no implied guilt or sense of wrongness; there are times in our lives when lower more centred energy (even sogging on the sofa with a bucket of Haagen Dazs) is the perfect place to be. The question from an NLP perspective is do you have choice? Are you able to change your emotional state and top up your energy reserves in a matter of seconds? Or does it seem as if your moods are outside of your control?

Physiologically speaking there is a great deal we can do to change the way we feel. Obviously sleep can play a big part, as can diet – my energy levels have rocketed since Andy and I started eating a blood type diet a couple of years ago (but that’s a subject for another blog). Just moving your body will break your state and give you greater access to a more positive mind set. As Anthony Robbins puts it ‘motion creates emotion’ – so putting on your favourite track and bopping around the lounge is a great way of boosting energy and seeing the world with a little more possibility.

In fact there are a huge number of ways in which we can boost energy levels, but what I promised here was my favourite. The reason I love it is it is simple and effective and it never fails to give a boost at times when needed. It’s a simple self-visualisation and it normally goes something like this: Imagine that there is a source of energy inside you which you can tap into whenever you need a boost, find your spirits flagging or just when topping up your energy reserves would be useful.

This is a wonderfully powerful energy source which exists beyond your mortal body; so regardless of your present state or physical condition this energy is burning brightly inside you like a sun. To access it all you need to do is to close your eyes, breath deeply and focus your attention on this source of energy putting all your intention on whatever state you desire – more energy, a supremely positive mindset, a feeling of calm centeredness or a body tingling with courage and power.

Imagine that deep inside you there is a beautiful ball of light energy, a power source that is burning brightly like a sun. Notice that the energy in this ball is circling round and as it revolves it transforms the abundant peace and love energy available in the universe into rich loving energy inside of you. Know that accepting and building this beautiful, powerful, loving energy enables you to step closer to your higher purpose and become an even stronger force for change on the planet. It’s as if the universe is cheering you on and celebrating your connection with this beautiful light energy.

Notice the direction of the ball of energy and notice what happens if you speed it up or slow it down. Find the right level that allows you to slowly build your energy, feeling the radiating warmth of the ball. Allow the energy to get even brighter inside you and notice how it’s banishing any shadows that may have been lurking. Even focusing on the energy allows you to feel rejuvenated and recharged and as you breathe deeply it’s almost as if your lungs are acting as a giant bellows allowing the beautiful energy source to shine even brighter inside. As you breathe in and out you may even find you can move the energy source to anywhere in the body it is most needed.

Allow yourself to enjoy the energy like a refreshing spa for as long as you like, knowing that when it is time to leave the light will continue to be a power plant inside you giving you access to greater energy levels as you move through your day.

Personally it really works for me and I normally find that within minutes I feel energised and recharged. I hope it’s useful to you. I originally based the visualisation on something I read by Doreen Virtue, whose work has really influenced to me over the last few years since the crash (and whose Angel Cards are amongst the best selling items on our courses and through the WHATEVER LIFE THROWS SHOP

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